The ultimate limited makeup brush
made of rare goat hair created
by years of Japanese craftsmanship.


Your true and
unique beauty in bloom

The sakura cherry blossom has long been an everlasting symbol of Japan. Its beauty and elegance transcends generations and resonates in the hearts of those who witness it.

Just like the flower exudes beauty and elegance, so too does this brush. Hence it has been granted the name ‘SAKURA’.

Each brush is meticulously handmade using the knowledge and techniques gained over 110 years.
The head of each brush is made from carefully selected hairs from an extremely limited supply of the highest grade goat hair.

SAKURA’s silky soft touch on your skin encourages your unique beauty to blossom to its fullest.

Blossom with SAKURA.


Using only the highest quality
of rare ‘saikōhō’ goats hair and
the finest hand-selected materials

‘Saikōhō’, goat hair from the lower part of the goats neck is second-to-none in its calibre and is an absolute must for top-level brushes.

The hairs used for the SAKURA brush are of the saikōhō variety, obtained over 50 years ago from goats that roamed luscious environs in China.

The goat hair from which Empress Kōjun’s gifted brush was made is extremely limited, and once depleted cannot be replenished.
Due to the precious nature of this natural hair, the remaining stock is carefully protected and cared for to prevent degradation.

From this extremely limited stock of saikōhō hair, only a certain percentage can pass the grade to go into making the SAKURA brush. With such a stringent selection process and meticulous craftsmanship, only ten of these brushes can be made in the space of one month.

The cuticle layer of each hair on the brush is tightly closed right down to the tip, providing a lustre to the strong brush head with optimal carrying capacity. Though strong, the hairs are super fine and silky soft on the skin, while still being able to excellently pick up and release products.

The more you use it, the more it adapts to your skin, making the brush your one true life-long companion.


Like silk on your skin
Super fine hairs for
a naturally smooth look

The tips of our SAKURA brush are not trimmed to shape it. Each strand is carefully arranged and the brush is attentively finished by hand, making its touch as soft as silk on your skin.

The tips of the brush are naturally tapered and are finer than a pore, allowing products to cover your skin to give a beautifully smooth and natural finish without causing distress to your skin.

SAKURA was created to bring out your inner beauty to its fullest with its luxurious touch and fine quality.

These makeup moments are what you have been waiting for. Let the luxurious experience of comfort be part of your every day.


The ultimate in beauty born
from the finest craftsmanship
and carefully dedicated time.

Maki-e is a uniquely Japanese lacquer technique that originated in Japan and began more than 1,200 years ago. Its allure comes from the finest craftsmanship and the dedicated time put into bringing out the ultimate in refined beauty. The urushi lacquer is first applied and left to dry and cure for about one month. Once cured, the sakura maki-e pattern is painted on using pure gold and left to dry once again. After drying, the surface is polished until the embossed image is exposed. This delicate technique combines the high-quality pure gold cherry blossoms with the deep black urushi lacquer in a union of exquisite brilliance.

The Maki-e makeup brush is not only visually beautiful but also has superior tactile and usability features. First, enjoy the overall design of the beautifully embossed sakura maki-e. Then feel the true quality of the brush in your hands, the touch of the urushi lacquer and the maki-e brush design. When the brush caresses your skin with its high-quality goat hair tip, you’ll feel there is no other brush quite like it. The Maki-e makeup brush isn’t just a tool. It is also a work of sheer artistry.

There are maki-e brushes on the market that are simply printed or have a maki-e process applied post-lacquering, sometimes with real gold, and sometimes with imitation gold. However, this Maki-e makeup brush sets itself apart. The Sakura maki-e is made with high-quality materials and techniques, paying attention to the smallest details, bringing you an exquisite and one-of-a-kind product. Holding this Maki-e makeup brush in your hands, its appearance and its feel and touch awaken an experience of all senses within you. A makeup brush adorned with the traditional and technical artistry of maki-e will create a luxurious moment that adds colour to your life.


With a 10-year guarantee,
it’s the perfect memorable gift

“With careful use, YUBENDO’s brushes will last for 100 years”. So it has been said by our customers, which affirms our confidence and the quality of our products.

There is a wonderful custom of giving a makeup brush as a gift when a girl is born. However, our products can be bought as a gift for that special someone, for a number of memorable occasions.

The brush’s long life is thanks to the well-balanced natural oils in the cuticles of the hairs. Too much oil makes product pick-up less efficient and too little breaks the hair. The fine balance present in our brush is down to the masterful skill and expertise of our craftsmen.


Before using the brush, gently soften the brush head with your fingers, which improves its product pick-up. After use, shake off any excess product and gently wipe away any product left on the surface of the brush with a tissue.

This will help to retain the brush’s adaptive blending properties.

*If dirt becomes noticeable, dilute 1cc of mild detergent in 200cc of warm water, dip the brush head and massage gently. *Do not leave the brush to soak as this will weaken the head’s adhesive leading to hair fallout. *Do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol as this will cause the natural hairs to deform.

After washing in warm water, towel dry the brush. If required, use a comb to reshape the brush. Let the brush air dry in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight. If drying takes a long time, it is also safe to use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry the brush whilst reshaping the head.

*The natural hairs are sensitive to heat. Avoid using heated air to dry the brush.


YUBENDO was established in 1912 in Nihonbashi
Makeup brushes made from the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship

YUBENDO established in 1912, began its non-store operations specialising in calligraphy and traditional art tools under the founder, Yuzō Ishikawa. Its physical store is currently located in Muromachi in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

YUBENDO's brushes are favoured amongst numerous artists, calligraphers and literary persons, such as Yokoyama Taikan (artist) and Higashiyama Kaii (author and artist). In addition to their favour, YUBENDO also received a great commendation from Empress Kōjun (the wife of Emperor Shōwa) who was gifted a brush made from the finest quality natural hair, praising it as a brush of the highest order.

In order to fully express the elegance and beauty prevalent in the fine lines of traditional Japanese art, artists require the brush tip, known as the 'life of the brush', to be nothing less than perfect.

Over the years, YUBENDO craftsmen have cultivated superior skills in the selection of unprocessed hairs, using their skilled eye to refine each hair bringing out their best qualities and the creation of the brush tip.

It was felt that those same skills could be incorporated into a makeup brush, infused with delicacy and illustriousness. By extension, it would bring out one’s own true beauty to its fullest.

And so, SAKURA was born. It is like no other brush you have ever experienced.